Painting kitchens

You can use our paint on kitchen cabinets using at least 2 coats of paint and then give it two or three coats of wax to seal it. Our wax is water repellent and strong and makes a good connection to the paint. Our paint is meant to give character and interest rather than a perfectly smooth 'plastic' finish of some paints. Refresh every now and again with some more wax when its needed. Wipe over with a damp cloth to clean. Using a strong cleaner like Mr Muscle may be necessary for stuborn marks but it will remove some wax and the area will need rewaxing.


No need to sand or prime although in the areas where there is a lot of use like the cutlery drawer it might be wise. I am assuming the kitchen is wooden. If you are painting onto an extremely shiny surface it will not adhere so well but nevertheless we do use it on these surfaces. For somewhere that gets a lot of use like a kitchen a wooden surface provides the best surface, BUT the paint will stick to even glass, and if you have a kitchen you want paint rather than have an ugly laminate then I would go ahead! Some laminates are extremely shiny like glass but some are less so. The less the shine the better the adherance of the paint.





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